Romanian Nationals 2011 - Part two

Racea and Haidu win two medals each


1 Ponor - with a great 1 1/2TY.
2 Racea - with an average DTY
3 Haidu - DTY - a bit lacking in power

In Izbasa's absence, vault final was uninteresting before it started. The gymnasts were required to do only one vault. Unsurprisingly, the difficulty level was underwhelming: only three vaults of over 5.3. Also not surprising was that most of the gymnasts did Yurchenko vaults, except for Bulimar (half on, front pike) and Balea (Tsukahata tucked). 

Uneven Bars

1 Amelia Racea - with a successful routine, better than yesterday I thought (14.595)
2 Raluca Haidu - good routine for her too 14. 325
3 Diana Trenca - 14.00 a surprise here, she had many small deductions but showed good rhythm and attack
Uneven bars final was more interesting to watch. The overall level was not as bad as expected. Maria Balea was the only one who fell, on the same skill as yesterday - is always too far to catch the bar  and then she had another fall on the dismount. Gabi Dragoi and Dana Andrei had mistakes on their pirouettes and had to do extra giants to finish their routines so they were heavily deducted. Porgras had a bit of a disappointing routine - she must have incurred one point in deductions on her dismount only (two large steps and bent knees and legs apart).

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