and... even more about Ghent and the Romanian national team(via Prosport)

Octavian Bellu is pleased for now: Sandra Izbasa is fully recovered and the gymnasts are physically ok, in the past 2-3 weeks all of them have been training... "they are working at different levels of their potential, but it's good that they are training". And this is interesting too: "I am more interested in what they do in two years, I'm less concerned about the present".
The coach also said that he wants to know more about each gymnast and he needs contests for that: "I need to know if they are nervous, if they are scared, how they get motivated, how they act under pressure. All girls are great at training but the competition is something else".

The team for the worlds will be decided after the next three contests:
Ghent World Cup
Romanian Nationals
Friendly meet with Germany and Switzerland

Read the entire article in ProSport.

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