Switzerland, Romania and Germany friendly meet results

via Romanian Gymnastics Federation.
Pitic came second in the All Around! that is really good for her! She probably did better on beam that at the nationals. Can't wait to see some videos!
1) Romania - 229.550
2) Germany - 214.400
3) Switzerland - 210.300

All Around:
1) Ana Porgras - 58.2
2) Raluca Haidu - 57.4
3) Diana Chelaru - 57.05
4) Ariella Kaeslin - 56.35
5) Cerasela Patrascu - 54.45

Bellu's statement:

It was a friendly competition after which we can not draw many conclusions yet. However, I noticed that the girls have won in the chapters ability and amplitude, and I refer especially to Ana Porgras, Diana Chelaru and Sandra Izbasa. At the same time, it can say that, although we did not have failures, things are not yet too bright. Obviously, in terms of competition here - for example, the vaulting table was not very good so mistakes are excusable, but we have to take into account that the arbitration standards are rigorous and very high everywhere. We will also bear in mind that the errors have been related to the finesse of execution: position, angle of the body and others. However, the marks here may be a milestone, but not a really significant one. It is also important that the girls have finished the competition in perfect health condition, and that generally it is more obvious where we can do improvements. In conclusion, we took part in a useful competition, which will give us some benchmarks, but our team knows very well that the World Championships in Rotterdam will be something else.

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