Mariana Bitang on Ghent results, Amelia Racea and Rotterdam

(picture from GSP)

With only a month before the World Championships in Rotterdam, the Romanias had a more than decent contest at Ghent world cup, being present on the podium on all four events and winning two of them. Moreover, the three medallist were all coming back after injury.

Mariana Bitang declared, according to an article I found in GSP "The girls did their job but there is still a lot to work on". About the only Romanian present in Ghent who did not win a medal, Amelia Racea, she said "She's going through a difficult period, which is puberty. She has sudden growth spurts and, with this, her center of gravity".

The article also mentions that Before the World Championships, Romanian gymnasts will compete in the National Championships (17-19 September) and will also have a friendly meeting with Germany(and Switzerland). The two technicians (Bellu and Bitang) have chosen, for their first major competition since the return to the national team, not to be present in the competition area, so they will remain in the stands. The girls will have on their side the coaches they have known for a longer period. Although they considered not to go to The Netherlands, in the end they decided to join the team. "Probably we will go, but we will remain in the shadow" said Mariana Bitang. This was what happened in Ghent as well when Octavian Bellu was there but Lucian Sandu assisted the gymnasts during the competition.

(picture from GSP)

The entire article in Gazeta Sporturilor.

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