Romanian National team: 9 seniors plus one Olympic hope

The Romanian gymnasts are now in Resita where they are preparing for the Nationals that will take place in the end of this week.


Romania will have this year no less than 9 healthy seniors competing at the Nationals. I have found a very nice pictures on a local radio's website with the current Romanian Olympic team:

Sandra Izbasa
Gabriela Dragoi
Cerasela Patrascu
Dana Andrei
Amelia Racea
Ana Porgras
Diana Trenca
Diana Chelaru
Larisa Iordache
Raluca Haidu

What amazes me the most, besides the number of healthy seniors that will compete at the nationals this year (compared to Cera, Gabi, Ana, Ana, Diana - last year) is the fact that Larisa Iordache is now training with the national team. At 14, Larisa is one of the most promising gymnasts for 2012. Bellu has always said he is interested in what happens in 2012 more than in what happens now... he seem to be acting accordingly.

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