Romanian Nationals 2010: Ana Porgras falls twice off the UB but wins BB

These are the medalists:

1) Sandra Izbasa
2) Raluca Haidu
3) Cerasela Patrascu
*the gymnasts were allowed to do both vaults with the same type of flight in the second phase
This is Cerasela's Yurchenko 1 1/2.

or watch it here

Uneven Bars
1) Amelia Racea
2) Cerasela Patrascu
3) Dana Andrei

Here is Amelia's set:

or watch it here

Balance Beam
1) Ana Porgras
2) Sandra Izbasa
3) Gabriela Dragoi

here is Gabriela's beam set:

or watch it on youtube

1) Sandra Izbasa
2) Ana Porgras
3) Diana Chelaru
This is Ana's routine:

You can also watch it here

A few conclusions after watching some of the routines, the slight state of irritation of Mariana Bitang after the contest and Ana Porgras's interview.
- Amelia Racea has ups and downs but her presence is kind of vital for the team; she can do a double twisting Yurchenko and has already won on UB twice over Ana Porgras
- Ana Porgras is getting better and better but she is a very fragile gymnast. They said she was going to take things slowly and she will only compete on only 2 events at the Worlds. This will not happen. She keeps getting better scores on floor than Diana Chelaru (a supposed specialist), so she will do floor on the TF, there's no doubt MOREOVER she keeps earning higher scores than Amelia Racea all around, so she will be used all around as well. It might be really sad to watch because at this pace she is not going to make it to 2011 Worlds
- Cerasela Patrascu is the third most valuable member of the team, after Ana Porgras and Sandra Izbasa (Yurchenko 1 1/2, High UB scores, high beam scores) - she has three solid events
- Gabriela Dragoi is starting to show some good balance beam work, I've heard her UB is not bad either (when she manages to stay on the apparatus)
- Diana Chelaru is stressed out; Octavian Bellu has an eye on her all the time and she feels the pressure. In today's VT finals she got a zero for her second vault because she did not get her steps right and she touched the table without actually attempting the jump. The uneven bars set looked really nasty, she fell off the balance beam. Her only decent routine was on floor.
- Raluca Haidu is still shaky: uneven bars is not good, vault seems to be getting better (well, at least unlike Amelia she is still doing the double twisting Yurchenko in competition), balance beam is quite terrible... I didn't see her floor though... maybe by focusing on vault and floor she can make it to the worlds
- Sandra Izbasa: her vault (Yurchenko 1 1/2) looks steady, the beam set (out of 5.7) is not pretty (and I'm being polite)- but we might just see her doing it in the TF at the worlds because she is very confident in everything she does. She actually said in an interview today that she feels comfortable on all the events, not only on floor. Her floor seems to be getting better and better as well so I'm expecting it to peak at the worlds.

This is how things look now, a month before the Worlds. We mustn't forget that these girls have started to train at full capacity, injury free, only a month ago so things can change slightly by then...

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