TCG Magazine # 6 !

Includes my interview with Anamaria Tamarjan.

Bea: How was 2009 for you? I am thinking that you started with a great desire to work (I read you gave up to your winter vacation to train for the American Cup) and in the end everything seemed the opposite.

Ana: In 2009 I had joys but also sorrows. I did not recover completely after the femur crack and at the Europeans in Milan I was in pain again. The joy was the silver medal on beam, because the beam is my favorite event.

Bea: What was the happiest moment in 2009 for you and what was the saddest?

Ana: The best moments in 2009 was the medal in Milan and turning 18. The saddest was at the Worlds in London where I could not concentrate for a good contest. I did not manage to get confortable with the event hall and with the equipment. These Worlds will remain in my mind as a failed objective. I wanted a medal really badly.

Bea: What is the medal that you cherish the most and why?

Ana: My most cherished medal is the one from the Olympics because it was the most difficult contest in all my career.

Read the whole interview in here.

I think this might become my favorite issue, so much stuff to read!!

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