The latest about Steliana Nistor

Remember when Steliana went on a visit to Norway? (circa April 2010) Well it was not just for fun. She wanted to see a gym there that had offered her a contract. Now, after concluding that she has no opportunity to do what she likes in Romania, Steliana has accepted the offer.
Also, the fact that Steliana attempted a comeback was confirmed by her mother:

"Steliana stayed at Izvorani for a week and wanted to train for two events. But she couldn’t remain there because of back and hand problems, the same that made her retire in the first place."
She added:
"She has been in Norway for two weeks now, but do not know exactly what the city is called. She trains there a group of junior and has a one-year contract. She was there in April as well, but then she returned. I talk to her on the internet, phone and take care of her bunny, here, at home."

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