Youth Olympic Games Qualifications - as predictable as they seemed...

Yep,YOG are predictable to a certain extent... I mean we all knew from months ago Komova will win many medals, the question was 5 golds or just 4? After yesterday's qualifications it seems that it will only depend on Tan Sixin, on how she manages to overcome the fact that she's the Chinese hot favorite on beam (we know very well what had happened to most of them...).
But the nice part is Komova will not allow us to get bored because with those scores, can we complain? I mean 61.000 in a competition outside the US internal scams and nationals? That is huge. Komova IS the best gymnast in the world right now; had she been the right age to compete at the worlds, she would have dominated the same way she dominates the YOG. Not only does she have huge difficulty (6.5+6.5+5.9+5.5) but her execution is almost flawless as well (9.2 for her Amanar, 9.1 on UB, 9.25 on BB and 9.05 on FX).

Our Diana Bulimar had a pretty good qualifying round, but too similar to the the Euros... It seems that her beam execution is not getting any better... She qualified fourth for the AA, 5th for VT, 3rd for UB and 3rd for the FX finals. So good, but not great. I personally am a bit perplexed about the way her beam set is pulling her backwards instead of becoming her strenght, because I know she can be great on beam:

This is at YOG:

And this is at Romanian International:

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