Romania in the News: December 5th to 11th

The most important event of the week for Romanians was the Italian Grand Prix held in Catania where Larisa Iordache and Catalina Ponor competed. There were various articles with results but nothing fancy: GSP, Prosport, Romgym .
What concerns me is that they are mentioning Larisa Iordache had a small injury that kept her from competing for several months. Prosport goes as far as five months of break after a foot "intervention" for Larisa and small leg injury for Catalina. How come we didn't we know that?

GSP: Nadia was awarded the key of the city of Acapulco at Mexican Open Gymnastics Championship. (article HERE)

Libertatea: Saint Nicholas filled the shoes of the gymnasts that train at Izvorani with gifts, "especially sweets", as Mariana Bitang mentioned. (HERE)

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