The fantastic improvement of Diana Chelaru

When Diana Chelaru first appeared on the international scene, in the spring of 2009, people were less than unimpressed. Her presence in the Romanian national team seemed more of an enigma, after she placed on the14th place in the all around final at the 2009 Euros. And I must add this: she was behind two gymnasts from Switzerland and one from Poland (among others). But this spring has brought to our attention a new Diana Chelaru. It seems that her hard work and the faith of Nicolae Forminte have paid off: they have managed to build, with patience and confidence, a gymnast for the team.
Take a look at her improvement on beam. I have rarely seen something similar (maybe it's just me):
April 2009 (or here)

April 2010 (or here)
and, of course uneven bars, although she is not an expert yet, at least she doesn't fall three times on the same routine as she used to :-)
June 2009 (or here)
April 2010 (or watch here)

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Anonymous said...

Amen! This girl has gotten so much better. I really started to like her after seeing this video, however...