It's late in Romania but really have to tell you this...

There are videos from Romanian internationals on youtube. yuhuuu
You can find things like Ana Porgras's BB (shaky) and FX (lovely) but also Amelia Racea's Beam routine

and Raluca Haidu's consistent Floor

In the beginning of Ana Porgras' BB exercise you can have a glimpse of Sandra's new look (very Nastia like but one must admit it's practical and looks ok):

I would insist on adding that I watched Sandra's brief interview for the national television: the usual, she misses gymnastics a lot, she seems a bit sad about the whole situation, would have loved to be able to show us the routine she had prepared for the 2009 Worlds but is not yet strong enough. The more interesting is that Sandra aims at returning on 3 events, she said that for the 2010 Worlds she has to be able to compete in more than one event because it's difficult to have high expectations in only one event when everything can fall to pieces in a second. Hmm.. what about wanting to help the team? Just joking :)

You can watch all the videos on Ecorn1X's channel.

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