Euros- juniors qualifications: Larisa and Diana - probably out of beam finals

The juniors qualifications are going on as we speak... Romanians have already finished competing. The bad news is that Larisa Iordache and Diana Bulimar fell off beam. The good news is they had good UB and FX sets.

These are the results, as the All Around posted them. Thanke a look on theor website for live results.


Beatrice Margarit: FTY 13.625

Diana Bulimar : handspring front pike off. 13.250 // FTY 13.525

Diana Rusu: FTY 13.575 // handspring front pike (step)

Larissa Iordache: 1 ½ twisting Yurchenko13.875 // FTY (stuck)

Uneven Bars

Madalina Neagu :12.650

Diana Rusu : 9.925

Diana Bulimar: 13.650

Larissa Iordache: 13.275


Beatrice Margarit : 12.850 (they didn’t count the leap series)

Diana Rusu : 13.150

Madalina Neagu: 13.950

Diana Bulimar 13.200 (fall on flic – layout)

Larissa Iordache: 13.625 – fall on flic – layout


Diana Rusu : 13.600

Beatrice Margarit: 14.075

Diana Bulimar: 14.425

Larissa Iordache: 14.775

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