Marine Debauve - La surprise Europeenne de la Journee :-)

Over the years, the Europeans have brought to our attention (by hitting us right in the face with gold medals, that is) gymnasts that were not considered to be among the very elite of the sport. Gymnasts that were nonetheless talented but that no one would have actually seen winning say the All-Around in major meets. Until that happened at the Europeans. Some of them continued to compete at the same level for the next years (such as Vanessa Ferrari- top score all around and silver on floor at the 2006 Euros) and others have returned to their previous lives of good gymnasts but without ever again making a difference in the quest for medals.
One of the very best gymnasts at this was Marine Debauve. In 2005, at the Euros she did something meny people hated her for: won the AA over Anna Pavlova. The fact that the difference was 0.024 points did not help either.
Here is her UB routine (I couldn't find the one from the AA, which scored better)

However that was not her best aparatus... Amazingly so, she was even better on BB, event in which she won the silver medal (gold went to Catalina Ponor). This is her amazing performance from the BB final:

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yanna said...

By any chance, do you happen to know where I could find Catalina Ponor's performance from that BB final? Reading this article, I realized I don't remember it and I can't fnd it on youtube.