Euro Quals - Romanians make it to all the event finals!

I am thrilled for our Romanian girls, they have managed to qualify for all the finals! AND the greatest achievement is, in my opinion, having qualifiers for the VT finals: Diana Chelaru and Amelia Racea on 5th and 6th place respectively.
Great contest for Ana Porgras, who seems to have managed the routine of her senior career so far: first qualifier to the Beam finals (14.95 with 6.2 D score, that makes it 8.75 for execution!!)
For the Russians it was a great day for Alyia Mustafina, who qualified for 3 finals and Tania Nabieva, with great scores on VT and UB.
Probably the most impressive gymnast of the day was Beth Tweddle, huge scores for both FX and UB. She is definitely going to get that UB world title back some day.
You can see all the EF qualifiers here.
And the team qualifications results here.

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