Pictures from Romanian Internationals!!

These are some of the pictures I captured today at Romanian Internationals. As you may already know, Diana Chelaru won the VT with two vaults that made her vaulting coach really happy (the man literally started to jump) and Ana Porgras scored 14.8 on UB winning the contest over Raluca Haidu (lovely form) 14.6 (I think).

The Coach's final advices prior to UB

Ana Porgras - Before UB (probably that was what the coach told her :)) )

Raluca Haidu

Diana Chelaru and Sandra Izbasa (rocking some denim)

Cerasela Patrascu seemingly not intimidated by Nicolae Forminte

Amelia Racea and Diana Chelaru

Cerasela Patrascu helping her team mates to warm up for UB

Raluca Haidu, Ana Porgras and Diana Trenca


Adde said...

Mi-au placut f. mult pozele, mai astept :D Sunt super dragute fetele.

Anonymous said...

lo que yo queria, gracias