Romania return home without medals

Bellu: "Some drastic measures must be taken...  Because this counter performance, for which I take full responsibility, must be left behind. Probably we made a wrong assessment and we were mistaken thinking some of the girls are able to do more and want more. For me the problem that remains is how these girls are doing so well in training and are unable to keep the rhythm during the competition and cannot regroup in order to overcome the mistakes they make.
It is a catastrophic result, let's not revolve around small words. I am waiting for the federation to draw some conclusions, I take responsibility for the failure although it is very difficult considering the amount of work we have put in this. We have a recipe that worked before Sydney and Athens but maybe the girls are made of a different dough. We will return to the gym and we will give up the label that the girls are unable to cope with a harsh training schedule. The ones that can cope with it will remain, the ones who cannot cope will not."
Ana Porgras: "I am glad I managed to focus and have a good (AA) final. I am thinking about London but I know that we must wake up after these Worlds and work hard in the gym. The elegance prize is nice, I feel honored but a medal in the event finals would have been better."

Source: Prosport


Laura S. said...

The Russian women returned home from the 2008 Olympics without a single medal. And look at them now! So anything can happen with just a little more time. I have faith in the Romanian ladies. They just need a little more time to rebuild, and this disappointing Worlds will motivate them a lot, I think. I still believe they're going to do some good things next year at the Olympics!

Bea said...

@ I agree, much like the 2008 Russian team, they are very talented and show pretty gymnastics but they somehow chocked at the worst time possible. The coaches can be as rough as they want (in statements that is)because they have worked with them for the past year so they know the situation in the gym. It's their right to be upset.

Fotograf Ioana said...

interesant articolul, insa important este ca am participat, vor veni si medaliile