Part 2: Beam final

The first Group of BB finalists

What a treat! Ok, there were still a few falls and wobbles here and there, but the girls looked rather good.

Ana Maria Tamarjan: after in training she fell off the beam tens of times (after every aerial walkover or front piked, as i mentioned in my previous post) in competition she managed to pull off a good routine. She had one major balance check after the switch ring leap and probably she wasn't given the element ( I mean it wasn't counted for the D score) but overall she looked strong. Her score was 15.2- to finish second, but the best part about the performance was that she showed confidence and was dominating the beam, looked in control, much more so than in the first day.

Ana Tamarjan, concentrating for her BB routine

Ana Porgras: so, she fell (again, as she had done in day one), but she is stunning, breathtaking, even at such an young age. What impresses me the most is the originality of the skills and the choreo. My hope is that this failure on the favourite aparatus at the Nationals, will only make her more eager to succeed and have clean routines at the worlds and not shake her confidence. Score: 14.4

Ana Porgras had some explanations to do after her routine

Amelia Racea: bb is not her favourite event, but she won. Because she is clean, frank and concentrated. She reminds people of Lavinia Milosovici, another well known hard worker, who didn't like beam. Milo used to say, (the same way Amelia will when she'll become the captain of the team Romania )"It's me, Mr Belu, with my ugly nodous knees that saves the situation.". Here, it was Amelia, with her quiet, yet bold performance that took the title, with a score of 15.400

Gabriela Dragoi: I was glad to see her looking ok on BB as well as on UB. Not much an improved performance compared to the Europeans in April (!!, must be really annoying for her too), but given the circumstances and precarious health, she looked more confident (and the girl even medalled) . Score: 14.60

Two good friends: Gabriela Dragoi and Cerasela Patrascu

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