"I still wake up at night because I dream I missed a vault" - Andreea Raducan

Andreea is a huge star in Romania, there are many articles about her and many interviews in Romanian magazines... She manages to say something interesting every time although the questions are all the same.

about being so slim "I am not on a special and miraculous diet. I went to Izvorani recently and Mrs. Bitang told me she could not believe she must beg me to eat, because when I was a gymnast I was always slightly overweight."

when asked if it happens to her to dream that she is competing "For a long period of time I kept dreaming that I was training or in competition, especially right after I retired. It still happens to me to wake up because I dream that I mess up the steps before a vault and I feel I don't have enough power to jump or to run."

about meeting guys "If anybody thinks that for as long as I was an athlete I thought of anything but gymnastics, they are wrong. But after 19 I had enough time to think about boys."
How did you fall in love for the first time? "Reluctantly"

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by the way, in case you missed it, Tribute2the80s has uploaded the TF AA and EF of the 2001 Worlds (and the quality is great too).
Silvia Stroescu and then Andreea Raducan on beam:

or watch it here

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