Romanian Gymnasts that turn 16 in 2011

The greatest news is that Diana Bulimar becomes a senior. I hope it's not too late, considering her latest health problems.

Her strengths: she's a good gymnast all around; a double layout and overall great tumbling and leaps on floor; nice form on uneven bars and very difficult beam

Weaknesses: she is not completely recovered after her foot injury; she needs to upgrade on vault

Best Results: third on Uneven Bars in the event finals at 2010 Junior Europeans, second on floor EF at Youth olympic Games 2010

This is the floor routine from the YOG EF:

or here

Madalina Neagu

Best Result: Qualified in the EF on Balance Beam at 2010 Europeans

Strengths: Competitive beam and floor routines; she's the only junior that has a release move in her uneven bars routine (besides Diana Bulimar and Larisa Iordache), nice form on uneven bars, pretty elegant beam worker; she has switch ring leap on beam

Weaknesses: her vault, she has been injured for most of 2009

This is her beam performance at Romanian International 2010:
or here.

Diana Rusu

Best Result: silver with the Romanian team at 2010 Euros, qualified for the vault finals at 2010 Euros, 3rd AA at 2010 Romanian Nationals

Strengths: floor (great leaps and hight in tumbling passes) and beam

Weaknesses: the uneven bars (her D scores have been in the mid 3s)
or here

Beatris Margarit

Strengths:floor - she is a poweful tumbler and has a competitive D score on this apparatus, consistent on beam

Weaknesses: the uneven bars

Best Result: silver with the team at 2010 Euros

This is her floor from 2010 Nationals in Resita (a month ago):

or here.
Tatiana Geamparoiu

Strengths: floor

Weakness: did not show an Ub routine at 2010 Nationals

International Experience in 2010: Gymnix Junior Cup

This is the floor she showed a month ago at the Nationals:
or here
Ana-Maria Baicu

Strengths: she is lovely on twists on floor; pretty form on leaps on floor and beam; on beam she has the difficulty and much more: lovely arms and spins, great rhythm.

Weaknesses: She did not train at full potential in 2010 due to injury

International Experience in 2010: Gymnix Junior Cup

This is her beam routine from Gymnix Junior Cup

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I see any of these girls factoring in to a major team. Maaaybe Bulimar for FX and possibly bars, but her bar routine scores very inconsistently and I don't see B&B taking that chance. Neagu could if she was healthy, but she really lacks difficulty on bars.