Vacation? I don't think so...

Some are on vacation, others do the fall-winter competitions with the big cash prizes, Romania is back in the gym. Anca Grigoras announced that the Romanian gymnasts have finished the competition season and that the next months, they will be concentrating on learning new skills, the ultimate goal being an increased difficulty score.

I hope they all manage to get through this period in good health. At the airport, Bellu was so eager to get back in the gym that he said he wouldn't have given the gymnasts the few days of... if it were up to him they would have gone from the airport straight to a training at Izvorani .

If you are still not convinced of how difficult the next period it will be (I know you are, just saying..) here is the ultimate proof :) : Mariana is not happy and she is not used to having a team that does not/cannot challenge for the podium.

This is an interview she gave after the team finals:

The girls managed to have a contest without falls...
According to the new COP this seems to be unimportant, it's important now to have a high difficulty, that allows you to fall and still the final score will not be affected too much.

Are you satisfied with the result?
The girls worked as much as they could, they tried to do their best and this is all it could be accomplished after about a month of thorough preparation, especially that the girls just came from injuries. I am not satisfied with the fact that on floor they could not maintain the total they got in qualifications.

Romania was closer to the podium that in qualifications..
The problem is not that the difference is big, the important is what we are going to do from now on. Our only chance is this: either we come to our senses and start working like we used to or we quit.

Isn't it difficult for you to watch the Worlds from home?
No, because there is a lot of work to do here as well. Moreover, I am used to fighting for something when I go to a contest. in the situation when Romania had five consecutive titles (with the team) and now we are out of the medals, it's tough.


The Couch Gymnast said...

she is charming, isn't she!!

Bea said...

hahahaha truly scary indeed