Romanian gymnasts will have a busy schedule till the Europeans

Gazeta Sporturilor published recently a more extended article about the gymnasts from Romania. It seems that the team will have 3 meets before the Europeans: one with England, one with France and the Romanian Internationals.

Forminte did not name yet the gymnasts that will be going to the Europeans in Birmingham, probably because he will have to think about this after the upcoming meets. He only said that „The ones that remain healthy till then, will be going”. The gymnasts that will be participating to the meet with Great Britain are: Porgras, Chelaru, Racea, Haidu, Trenca and MAYBE Cerasela Patrascu (yaaaaaay!).

Tamarjan and Dragoi are still struggling to recover, as their medical problems seem to have been solved. About Sandra Izbasa, he said that she’s back in the gym and that she will not have weight problems but for her, building strenght is the more difficult part. About the rest of the team members, he said they seem a bit tired as they have all worked a lot to learn new skills but he was confident that the preparation process is going very well.

In his characteristic bitter-sweet tone, he said that he doesn’t have any Nistor or Izbasa in the gym any more and Porgras or Chelaru don’t have the necessary maturity although they have a dose of talent and they are hard workers... But „I believe in them, I wouldn’t remain at Deva otherwise”.

You can read the entire article here.

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