Was she or was she not... good on floor?

Many people have called Steliana a gymnast of two aparatus. Although she has won All Around titles, it has been generally considered she had two strong events, the uneven bars and beam and two mediocre ones (vault and floor, of course). But if we look back a little bit, at the year 2004 when Steli became Junior European gold medallist on floor, we could see things differently. Many fans and commentators have tried to find the reasons of Steli's inability to have as good performances on floor as on Uneven Bars. Some have blamed the injury from 2005, others the "ugly" choreo, others the "mean" coaches.
But the reasons for the decay are not as important. In my opinion we should just acknowledge the fact that she had as great potential on floor as she had in the other events. Here is her performance at the Europeans in the AA.

Or watch it on youtube.

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Anonymous said...

She certainly was an all aroung gymnast..or should have been! Great potential! I like your blog, you should post more often!:)