La Divine Ludivine Furnon

One of the most unusual gymnasts of the ‘90s, Ludivine is born in November1980 in the beautiful town of Nime She starts taking dance classes when she was 8 years old and starts taking gymnastics lessons no sooner than on the 8th of April 1992 (at 12!!) following the advice of her school’s principal.
Her progress is amazing: in 1994, so only after two years in the sport, she is invited to train with the national team.
The 1995 World Champinships brings her an unexpected oportunity. Being only an anternate after the qualifications, she gets out of the blue the chance to compete in the FX finals when Shannon Miller withdras due to an ackle injury. Her excellent dance skills and natural athletic abilities gain her a bronze medal; the floor exercise, choregraphed by Adriana Pop is still regarder as one of the most spactacular of the ‘90s.Between 1996 and 2000, Ludivine consistently competes for her country, qualifying for more event finals in major competitions: she is 7th on Floor at the 1996 worlds, 4th on Beam at the 1997 Worlds and 6th on Floor in 1999.
The 2000 European champoinships are held in France, at Paris. With yet another extraordinary floor exercice, Ludivine has manages to win the gold medal. This is her wonderful performance, From 2008 she starts working with Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas. Her work is equally beautiful and spectacular in this new field.


Anonymous said...

ludivine does amazing work

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Ivan Sanders said...

Ludivine is by far the greatest freestyle dancer ever.