Favorite Routines from Moscow

Vasiliki Millousi - BB - qualifications- one of my favorite beam routines of this year:

Jessica Lopez's Uneven Bars in the EF (1st place)- J Lo amazes me yet again, by competing some new skills. She is constantly upgrading, getting better and better each time we see her. 

Yana Demyanchuk's Beam from the qualifications - in which she stays ON the beam! And what a layout!

Jana Sikulova - qualifications - UB - Jana is 23 and still competing. She is also a great uneven bars worker. 

Ksenia Afanasyeva's beam routine - from event finals (2nd place) - Ksenia has shown this weekend that she still has some nice skills. I like her style on this event. She may be somewhat businesslike but is also very graceful.

Anna Dementyeva's UB - qualifications
I have high hopes for Anna this year. But I am not referring to shiny(er) medals. I think that the results she had this spring will give her strength to work harder and harder and the courage to challenge herself and to push herself into becoming one of the greats.

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