The second issue of the magazine dedicated to Romanian Gymnastics is out. It seems to be as interesting as the first one, if not even better. It contains:
- An absolutely delightful interview with the gymnasts from Deva (Madalina Blendea & co);
- An interview with Ana Tamarjan and another one with Cristinel Micu;
- Articles about the competitions where the Romanian boys and girls were seen in the last months;
and many more very insightful articles.

Read it HERE.


Anonymous said...

This looks like a beautiful magazine and a fascinating read. Am I correct in assuming it will not be published in English? Please let us know when you know. :) Thank you!

Bea said...

Hello, I contacted one of the authors of the project. here is her answer:
"We wanted to make an English version as well but our designer has had some health issues so we gave up that part of the project because she needed some time off. We hope that in October we will re-start our collaboration and that she will be ok by then.
At one point Serena (one of the Romanian gymnastics biggest fans)started to translate the editorial and I will correct it. We will try, little by little to translate articles but we will not re-do the entire issue.
If at some point I will be able to handle the design part, for the next issue, there are great chances for us to have more pages and an English version as well."


Anonymous said...

Thank you for looking into this! I appreciate your time. :)

Anonymous said...

Is this magazine still being produced? And is it just online or is there printed versions as well? if it is online what is the web address? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi I was wandering if this magazine was still being produce? And if it is is it only an online or is there a printed copies as well? What would be the web address for the publication if it is still being produced?