Team Romania - (Worlds) Qualifications videos - Beam and Floor

The qualifications videos have finally arrived (thanks to piibuna on youtube). I was extremely curious how harsh were Romania really judged. After seeing the videos, I can say that they were sometimes underscored, rarely over scored and most of the times very fairly scored.

Balance Beam
Amelia Racea (14.733/ 6.1 D)

Diana Bulimar (14.066/6.3)

Catalina Ponor (15.00/6.3)

Ana Porgras (14.4/6.5)

Raluca Haidu (14.533/6.2)

Floor Exercise

Raluca Haidu (13.733/5.5)

Diana Chelaru (14.233/ 5.8)

Ana Porgras (13.866/5.6)

Diana Bulimar (14.4/5.8)

Catalina Ponor (14.2/5.8)

- The most over-scored in this batch was Raluca Haidu's BB;
- The most under-scored was Diana Bulimar's floor;
- The highlights were Raluca's and Amelia's opening passes on BB as well as Diana Bulimar's BB routine (except for the fall);
- My favorite gymnast so far - Diana Bulimar.

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