Team Romania - (Worlds) Qualification Videos - Vault and Bars


Ana Porgras (13.90/5.0)

Diana Chelaru (14.633/5.8)

Amelia Racea (14.4/5.8)

Raluca Haidu (14.366/5.8)

Catalina Ponor (14.766/5.8)

Uneven Bars
Diana Bulimar (12.433/5.4)

Raluca Haidu (13.833/6.0)

Amelia Racea (13.666)

Ana Porgras (12.666/6.0)

Diana Chelaru (13.533/5.5)

Over-scored... nothing really
Underscored: plenty... absolutely all the vaults. One question: what was wrong with Ana Porgras's vault?
The highlights: Diana Blimar's UB dismount, Pitic nailing all combinations,
My gymnast of the second half: Raluca Haidu.

What did you think of the scores?


Sarah said...

Chelaru scored 14.633 I think

Bea said...

Thanks Sarah! I changed it.