Lauren's much anticipated floor routine

Lauren Mitchell's highly anticipated floor routine has managed to bring me out of the cave I've been trying to hide in for the past few weeks. It was THAT big an event. I love it when this happens and I wish people would market  routines like that and launch them en fanfare more often. Ok, ok, maybe it was not Lauren herself who announced it this way...maybe us, crazy fans hungry for some news-scrap related to gymnastics did that. What i meant was that I wish gymnast would give us the opportunity to become animated like that more often.

Now, about the routine: the first time I watched it, I thought it was awkward. Then it became increasingly obvious that it needs some more work. Now after watching it numerous times I think that, with time, as the choreography will be more and more rehearsed, Lauren will be able to discover and accentuate certain nuances of the music. She will learn to use to her advantage the vocal parts that are the element that if speculated correctly can bring the originality factor to the routine. Plus, what we have seen this weekend was a very "choppy" version - the landings were so messy that it was difficult to maintain a unity of the choreography and also interpret the music. 

What did you think about Lauren's routine? Which is your favorite "new" routine of 2011?


Anastasia said...

I also watched it, but it still lacks expression and personality (compared to for ex. Izbasa's one). Moreover- a lot of hops and steps on the landing proved that, as in the 2010 Worlds EF FX, she has problems on landings - although this didn't kept judges from giving her highest execution mark. My favorite routine to win the Floor gold in 2011 is Sandra Izbasa, but I still wonder what Ponor and Chelaru have in store for us.

Anonymous said...

first of all... I'm glad to see something new on ur page! ;) but I think that if Lauren's routine was clean it would have looked much better.

Emski said...

The music choice makes me think favorably of Lauren's personality and taste -- eclectic and unique. I believe/hope that with practice, the choreo will improve.