What's eating Amelia Racea


This is the only video I could find (via IG forum)- and it's incomplete the first acrobatic series is cut. But There is one missed connection that was vital for her score (she should have connected two leaps) but there's an obvious pause there (0:53)... Other than that, were were plenty of wobbles. So the score, although it could have been maybe 0.1- 0.2 higher is pretty fair to me.  I wonder why didn't she add another leap... or try the series again, if she was running out of time, a 0.1 deduction would have been better than the 0.5.

now, her floor

She missed a requirement on floor as well... why, oh, why didn't she add an aerial walkover, after she landed on her b*** if she would have a tiny bit more inspiration, there was enough time for an aerial at 1:22 ...

Two errors she will never repeat... one costed her the beam finals and the other nearly took her off the AA finals.

Disclaimer: Don't get me wrong, I am by no means implying that there is something wrong with her or criticizing her... I am trying to give an answer to the people who asked if I thought she was scored fairly, that's all.


Anonymous said...

wow.. that was one boring floor routine! someone needs to work with her on some artistry. The sad thing is I really like her but these two videos... not too thrilled with!

Lauren C said...

Yep, almost the same mistake Mattie Larson made at Worlds. That's a point for the fall, and a point for missing both the front salto requirement and the connection requirement. With the deductions on her last tumbling pass, it explains why her score was at least three points lower than she's capable of.