2011 Europeans Qualifications

Ama Racea  (photo source here)
It was an awkward day for the Romanians. It started in a disastrous way with Ama Racea falling on the uneven bars dismount (oh that double front, I hate that skill, I don't understand why people use it!) and it ended with the same Amelia qualifying for the Vault Finals.

So here are top five strangest things that happened today:
5: Ana Porgras got a 13.575 on UB for a routine with a D score of 6 while Diana Chelaru got a 13.65 for a routine out of 5.7
4: Diana Chelaru - turned out to be the top AA qualifier for Romania (3rd)
3: Amelia Racea qualified for the Vault finals (instead of Diana Chelaru)
2: No Romanian in the Beam finals (!!)
1: Sandra Izbasa -top qualifier for the Vault finals

the second strangest fact could have easily been the number one but I wanted to keep things on a positive note ;)

So if I ever see Bellu or Lucian Sandu in Berlin, I want to ask them what exactly does Ana Porgras' new UB routine lead to... Then, how come no one qualified for the beam finals, once the best event by far for the Romanians ... and how  come now we have two weak events instead of one (that happen to also be the highest scoring ones).

I am sure there are answers for this half  failure... Europeans are just a stage in the B&B big plan. They have never really made a purpose out of this meet. Historically, some of the worst meets Romania had were at Euros (3rd place with the team in 2000 behind Ukraine, the "scratched" one from 2002 when they only sent Petrovschi are a few examples that come to mind) but it wouldn't have been that terrible if Ana had stayed on that beam or if Ama wouldn't have had such a floor routine.
As others have pointed out, maybe this also happened because it was an individual event, the qualifications format is weird and also because these two competed in the first subdivision. a few hours later Ama's beam E score would have been considerably higher, the same for Ana's bars.

I hope it was just a bad day. Amelia at least can still prove herself...

But qualifications are over. Many competition days are ahead of us:
Friday's All Around finals with Chelaru and Amelia Racea
Saturday - Vault with Izbasa and Racea
Sunday - Floor with Izbasa and Chelaru

PS: Look at Sandra's vault WOW!

Thanks eamyy !


Anonymous said...

any comments on amelia's beam score? it was just unacceptable... still waiting for the video

jazz said...

The first subdivision was a nightmare. (I live in México, so imagine me at 4am in the morning: nervous, anxious, sad and angry).

Ama: In one of the videos from Izvorani, they showed Ama falling on the dismount. if she is struggling in training why not change it?
Anutza: I completely agree with you, i would ask Bellu and Sandu what is going on here. It's extremely worrying, when you see Diana having a better score than Ana (nothing against Diana).
They should change the whole routine.
I have also thought if i might buy some grips to the girls and send them to Izvorani, because i read Ana had broken palms in Paris (haha this is my way to help them in this apparatus xD).

BB: Shock! Ana fell :( "she jumped off the beam" Blythe wrote. :O i was wondering what happened to her. Later, we knew that maybe she is sick, with her left leg in pain, or still dealing with her new body/weight…
I must say ,i still trust in Ana, she is so beautiful to watch, so elegant; she's fresh air when you have all these robots tumbling and doing difficult skills with terrible executions (hate the code).

Ama: beautiful routine in descriptions (no video yet) and everybody is complaining she was underscored (i think she was). It is so unfair! :(

Ana withdrew :( :( :( Ama fell :( :( :(

Ama in finals :)

Thank God Ama is the AA and in VT finals, but i was really sad (i still am) when i realized it was all over for Ana in europeans… :(

As i said, the first subdivision was a nightmare for me. I went to sleep at 5am hoping the results would change 3 hours later, of course they didn't.

Thanks for the info Bea. Your blog is in my favorites!

(sorry for my grammar issues)