Andreea Raducan Book Launch

Andreea and her family

"This book is a part of a small gallery of publications that show what happens behind a medal. It's a good thing Andreea had the courage to write such a book. In general, we all try to forget the unhappy moments but Andreea doesn't want to forget. She wants to remember even the moments that caused her nightmares and maybe made her grow up too soon." Octavian Bellu

"I always said that all the important events in my life happened at the right time. What would you do if you were me? Would you take back your medal? Yes? Then I will try get my medal as well. Still... I don't know, The president of the IOC, Mr. Jaques Rogge was the president of the committee, for my case in 2000. To go now and ask him for my medal doesn't make sense. So, for now the answer is no." Andreea Raducan

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