what have I been up to lately

contrary to what the lack of activity of this blog might indicate, I'm not retired. On the contrary, I think about gymnastics a lot. Here's a sample:
"Since she was selected in the senior national team, Diana Chelaru has gradually improved every year, broadening her range of skills, developing a personal style while consistency has become one of her main strengths.
The progression was a surprise: if in 2009 the most she could hope for was to qualify for floor and vault event finals at Euros, 2010 was her breakthrough year, when she became a constant presence in finals on her pet events and even started winning prestigious medals on floor. 2011 would reveal yet another facet of Diana Chelaru: as an all around gymnast, placing third in qualifications and fourth in the AA finals at Europeans."

Read the rest of the article "American Cup Preview: Diana Chelaru"(The Couch Gymnast)

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