Cottbus World Cup - Uneven Bars

Elisabeth Seitz - silver on uneven bars
First up was Kim Bui - she looked very confident, showed nice form but had a few questionable handstands, maybe some bent arms... A good routine overall, she has good chances of breaking the 14.0 barrier at Euros, she only needs a few more repetitions. (13.975/6.1)

Next up was Elisabeth Seitz who presented an upgraded routine, her form was good overall, aside from the Def who brings her many deductions. She was extremely pleased with her performance. (14.70/6.6)

Natsumi Sasada was the only competitor who fell- which was a real shame, given her nice technique and pretty lines. Sikulova and Palesova were well, complementary - the first had the difficulty, the other had the execution...

The next to go was Jinnan Yao - she looks very nice, very stretched, hits her handstands and her pirouettes... she had the specific problems with the transfer from low to high bar and a small step on landing. The title was decided between her and Seitz - they gave it to Yao in the end... She was my favorite too, she simply has a lightness of movement. (14.775/6.4)

I only saw the same type of lightness of execution at the next competitor, Belokobylskaya of Russia. So the potential is there but she was a hot mess today. Imagine the same long lines and stretched body Komova has, combined with the hesitations of say Kurbatova. She almost sat the landing too. (13.775/6.3)

The last competitor was Celine van Gerner. Her execution was fairly good but her routine was way too easy for a medal- only 5.5 D score, which put her on 5th.

1.Jinnan Yao (CHN) 14,775 (6,4)
2. Elisabeth Seitz (GER) 14,700 (6,6)
3. Kim Bui (GER) 13,975 (6,1)
4. Sikulova (CZE) 13,925 (5,9)
5. Palesowa (CZE) 13,875 (5,5)
5. Van Gerner (NED) 13,875 (5,5)
7. Belokobylskaya (RUS) 13,775 (6,3)
8. Natsumi Sasada (JPN) 13,100 (6,1)

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