Romania to send only three gymnasts to 2011 Euros

Or at least this is what Octavian Bellu, the coordinator of the Romanian National team suggested, in an interview with Agerpres: „Being an individual Championship, only the most prepared will go, 1-2-3”. He also said that there is no rule that specifies you should bring  5 girls , in order to use a contest  as a training in front of an audience"...Well the rules specify a maximum of 4 gymnasts per country, but we get the point.
Bellu also added „You go if you have the chance to fight for a medal or if you have there an open field at a top competition  in order to present a contender for a World or Olympic medal. It is important to go to competitions but who quoted Coubertin did not say the whole quotation. It is important to take part but more important is to win. I am not saying that the competition is not important but Europeans are not as important as Worlds or the Olympics. Things are solved in stages and progressively, there is no point in forcing things for Europeans and then have a smaller number of gymnasts for Worlds or Olympics. In gymnastics, when you push and you force things, there will be injuries. It’s better to keep a gymnast at home and healthy and in preparation than to send her at Euros and risk an injury”. 

Mariana Bitang said a few months ago that the gymnasts that will go to Euros will have to start training whole routines in February. And it's already the middle of February so the decision has been made. 

The gymnasts that Bellu had in mind were undoubtedly Porgras, Chelaru and Izbasa, as they were announced to compete at the World Cup event held in Paris. It is unlikely that a change of plans occurs, since there will be no time. 

Porgras, Chelaru, Izbasa - probably the three gymnasts Romania will send to
2011 Euros
Read the whole interview here.

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