A Good Laugh with Octavian Bellu

This is an old interview (from June) but definitely a good laugh:
The first two minutes are kind of boring. The host of the show explains that they had to move the show's sofa in the gym: they wanted to talk to some of the great champions oj the country and champions are worthy of the trouble. Then he starts asking them, what it takes to make a champion... the usual...
From min 2:12, it goes like that:

CM: What is Mrs. Bitang's favorite flower
Bellu: Gerbera
(look at Bitang's face as he continues)
but... hmmm... no longer, it used to be until she realized that although beautiful it dies too soon. And then she switched to these spring flowers, with nice colors, such as snowdrops (Bitang looks like she's going to die).
But, I am not a flower specialist or a romance specialist... If my answers are correct, we are going to find out afterwards...

CM: What is Mrs. Bitang's favorite song?
Bellu: A song that we both love, The power of love by Jennifer Rush.

CM: Now I am going to have to ask Mrs. Bitang as well... What is Mr. Bellu's favorite color?
Bitang: One in which I can't stand watching him any longer: black.
CM: Why don't you throw away his clothes from the house?
Bitang: There's no point in doing that because he goes and buys other (black) clothes.
CM: Does he collect anything?
Bitang: Watches and all sorts of stupid little things sucha as a small device for massage from Japan, that massages your finger... We have two cases full of such things, just because they seemed nice at some point.

CM: I know that it will soon be your birthday, "Happy Birthday" from us and I want to ask Mr. Bellu - are you going to make her a surprise?
Bellu: Usually I try to make her a surprise...
Bitang: But he never succeeded!
Bellu: True! But very rarely, very very rarely i surprised her by not giving her anything. Not because I forgot but because she is very difficult and exacting...
Bitang: OMG! people will think I want you to bring me the moon! This is the most trivial excuse "What can I give you because you have everything and you wouldn't like my gift anyway. Better go and buy something yourself".
Bellu: No. but you must admit that you always say "You had better asked, than buying this stupid thing" or "This is exactly what I needed!!"
Bitang: True...I admit!

CM: When was the last time you said "I love you" to Mrs. Bitang?
Bellu: Here we have a problem! (everybody starts laughing) A problem I agree with... Words are just words but what you do is most important... But saying it like that ... all day long... it loses its meaning. If you say it rarely, it has a different effect.
CM: What about you, Mrs. Bitang?
Bitang: I say it even less often than him.
Bellu: I think we can count the times she said it but this is what incites me.
CM: Could you imagine your life without Mrs. Bitang?
Bellu: Now it's obvious that I couldn't. Now that you took me by surprise.. No, I can't... Of course there is a dependence but you can't make things trivial and reduce it to just routine.

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