I have the ticket for the 2010 worlds team final :D

Helooo, I am back after the long period of silence and more enthusiastic about gymnastics blogging than ever!
I have to clarify something, for the people that missed my posts: this absence, was not necessarily laziness, the most important argument in my defense is the fact that I had to complete the final project for my masters degree in mid July and the second most relevant is that I am relocating to Rotterdam next moth.
Anyway, with my urban development Masters degree in my pocket, I can focus on gymnastics from now on :P.
Today was a good day for me: I remembered that I was not moving just anywhere on this planet; it's Rotterdam the city of the most important gymnastics competition of 2010. I have to attend, even for one evening, right? Probably I will also go to the qualifications, being on a weekend and all, but for now I just purchased a ticket for the women's team finals, which happens to be my favorite part of any Worlds and the only final that was not sold out (as Rick had already announced a while back).
I am back and happy!


Mikeyy said...

That`s great!
We are going to attend the competition too.
Maybe we will meet there and support together our gymnasts ;)

Bea said...

Wow, that's great, of course we will!

Mikeyy said...

Atunci vom tine legatura! ;)