The Couch Gymnast's online magazine

I am very glad to let you know that The Couch Gymnast's online magazine has been launched today!!
Happily (for me), she has managed to find some space in the magazine for an article I wrote about Cerasela Patrascu; if you are interested you can read it here.


yanna said...

Oh, you wrote that? Good job! I'm glad that so many people still care about Cera.
As I already wrote in the magazine's guestbook, I found 2 small errors in the article - I hope you don't mind :)

1. I don't remember the second vault, but Cera's first vault in Clermont-Ferrand was a double twisting Yurchenko
2. She also has the European team gold in 2008, the 2007 team bronze is not her only medal.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Great article! said...

@yanna Of course I don't mind. I think I found the vaults in another article (I don't remember where I saw this though) so probaly you are right. About the medals, yes, there's no doubt about that- she has that team gold too, I don't know how I could have forgotten about it.

yanna said...

The only youtube video I found with her vault is pretty shaky and you can't really tell how many twists are there, but I the results say it was a 5.8 starting value - so it's the DTY. Let's hope she'll be able to perform it again soon!