A few thoughts about the gymnastics scene of the last ywo to four years

1) Ksenia Semenova did not medal in Beijing. AT ALL!!!

2) Semenova deserves to have at least the AA title in the next worlds.

3) Russia didn't have any gymnast in the BB final at the worlds in 2007.

4) Well, at least they had one in the VT final (this, the Romania team couldn't deliver)

PS: I can bet that, we will see only 3 gymnast that have qualified for an EF in 2007 will manage to qualify again for the same Event final in 2009: Lauren Mitchell, Elisabeth Tweddle and Semenova.
I love Ana Prgras and I hope she qualifies for 3 finals: AA, UB and BB (I know, UB is almost impossible)

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